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For the second time, Salinas City Elementary School District will be showcasing a 3-part series highlighting our Employee Award Winners from 2017-18 school year.

We asked our award winners questions to describe what thier award means to them and what advice would they give to new educators beginning their journey.

For our first interview of the year, we spoke with School Site Lead Learner Award Winner, Everardo Marquez.

What’s your title and school location?


Sherwood Elementary School

How many years of teaching?

20 years

What brought you to Salinas City Elementary School District?

I wanted to come back and teach at the school (Sherwood) where I attended as a student.

What keeps you motivated and inspired on a dialy basis?

What keeps me going everyday is seeing all the wonderful smiles from our students, teachers and parents. This reminds me to work hard every chance I get.

What does your award mean to you?

It means to be able to motivate and inspired students, teachers and parents.

What is the most gratifying thing about your job?

My most gratifying part of my job is looking at all my student’s, teacher’s and parent’s faces and I see how proud they are. Our school has accomplished so much.

Any advice for new educators?

Live your dream! Share your passion!