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For our second interview, we spoke with Champion in Education Award Winner, Katie Holt.

What’s your title and school location?

Teacher, Roosevelt Elementary

How many years of teaching/experience?

3 years

What brought you to Salinas City Elementary School District?

I had heard very positive things about SCESD and the different programs for both students and teachers they offered through other teachers working for the district. I really enjoy the ability to try new things to improve my practice and own knowledge, so that really drew me to SCESD.

What keeps you motivated and inspired on a daily basis?

The students in our classes are definitely inspirations for me. Even though they come from various backgrounds, native languages, and academic abilities, they're still young kids who deserve every opportunity and chance in life! Seeing students let go of what they bring from home and interact and learn with each other despite their challenges or differences is really inspirational and keeps me motivated.

What does your award mean to you?

I was extremely surprised and humbled to receive an award! Everyone at our school sites work so hard and it truly has become a community so I was not expecting to be nominated at the very least. It has been very meaningful to me to be recognized and inspires me to continue to work hard for our students!

What is the most gratifying thing about your job?

The most gratifying thing about teaching is seeing how excited students are when they're able to grasp or explain a new concept to someone else, academically or socially. Knowing that they have understood a lesson and are in return able to communicate it to someone else, and to see the excitement is such a rewarding feeling!  

Any advice for new educators?

The best advice I can give for new educators is don't be afraid to ask for help! Whether that's finding a mentor on campus, reaching out to other teachers, or even bouncing ideas for lessons/behavior off of admin, a little help can go a long way!