History and Context

Salinas City Schools began on Monday, October 12, 1868 in a “house” located on South Main Street belonging to Francisco Soberanes.   Sophronia Harvey was the first teacher with 9 students, including her sister Mabel. The total cost of the school for the first year was $475.16.  Miss Harvey received $60 per month as her salary.

Salinas City was growing rapidly as the Gold Rush came to an end and word of the fertile lands and temperate climate of the Salinas Valley became known.  By the second year there were 120 students and in 1870, the decision was made to build East End School. A parcel tax of 70 cents per $100 of value was passed to pay for the new building, which was a two story wooden structure.  East End was located near where Hayward Lumber is today.   By 1874, the number of students had increased so dramatically that West End School was built on the current Roosevelt site.  John Steinbeck attended West End School.    

The course of study in the 1920s focused on the fundamentals.  Superintendent Walter wrote the following in the District handbook for 1924, “No matter what may be said to the contrary, it still remains true that there are certain subjects that are fundamental and that should be given special emphasis.  Some of these are reading, spelling, arithmetic and language.  One who can read well seldom has trouble in mastering such subjects as geography, history, civics and hygiene.

In addition to the above, music and drawing are peculiarly fundamental.  Music is so because of the universality of its appeal and the influence which it has on the emotions.  Drawing is also fundamental because of the influence it has on the aesthetic development of the individual and because of the practical phase of it. Almost everything in our modern world has to do with drawing in some one or all of its forms. …   In recent years, much of the discussion relating to schoolwork has centered around the question of character training. The school consciously endeavors to arrange its work so that it will have the greatest possible result in character building. This is not only done by precept, but by the habits developed, attitudes produced and the social relations established through the varied types of study and activities.”    

From our district's beginning with 9 students in a house, we have grown to almost 9000 students and 800 staff members at 14 elementary schools.     


The Mission of the Salinas City Elementary School District is to provide a well-rounded education with multiple opportunities for all students’ success.  


We expect all children to be at or above grade level.


Goal 1 - Academic Achievement: Every student will meet academic expectations to successfully transition into middle school.

Goal 2 - Climate and Culture: Schools will provide a positive, safe and well-maintained learning environment.

Goal 3 - Parent/Community: Schools will promote & develop positive relationships with all members of the school community.

Our Community    

The Salinas City Elementary School District in beautiful Monterey County is located in an area with many opportunities to live, work and play. Our comfortable climate, abundant natural resources, and diverse population provide a solid economic and cultural environment that is also popular with tourists.   Salinas has always been an agriculture-based city and today we are home to many of the nation’s major agribusinesses with an economy that produced over $4 billion in crops in 2013.     

 Salinas is the home of the Steinbeck Festival, the California International Air Show, the California Rodeo, a Mariachi Festival, Cinco de Mayo Festival, Salinas Valley Half Marathon and many other local festivals and events.  Our River Road wine trail has become increasingly recognized.     

Major musical offerings include the Monterey County Symphony Orchestra and the Salinas Concert Association. The Western Stage is a highly acclaimed Central Coast theater group located at Hartnell College.  Professional theater artists from all over the country join the local company in presenting the best of Broadway, new works, classics, musical theater and cabaret. In the historic Mission San Juan Bautista, Luis Valdez, renowned Hollywood director, founded El Teatro Campesino, a bilingual (Spanish/English) theatre group. The company continues their yearly Christmas pageants, alternating annually between La Virgen del Tepeyac and La Pastorela as well as original works throughout the year. 

Recreational Activities  

Twenty parks offer picnic facilities and modern playground equipment. Sherwood Park covers 100 acres and includes an indoor swimming pool, tennis courts and picnic areas to accommodate 600 people. It is also home to Tatum’s Garden, recently selected as the best inclusive park in the United States. Toro County Park has 4,756 acres, group picnic areas with barbecue pits and electrical and water service. There are over 20 miles of riding and hiking trails. Other attractions are Great America in San Jose and Santa Cruz Beach and Boardwalk.  


Educational opportunities abound with over 15 institutions of higher learning, including: Hartnell Community College, Brandman University, California State University Monterey Bay, University of California Santa Cruz, and Monterey College of Law. National University and California State University San Jose are located 60 miles north of Salinas.    


We serve students from Transitional Kindergarten through Sixth Grade. Our 14 elementary schools are:  

Boronda Dual Immersion Academy 1114 Fontes Lane Salinas, CA 93907  (831) 753-5615

Boronda Meadows 915 Larkin Dr.Salinas, CA 93907     (831) 784-5400

El Gabilan 1256 Linwood Dr., Salinas, CA  93906  (831) 753-5660

Henry F. Kammann 521 Rochex St., Salinas, CA 93906     (831) 753-5665

Laurel Wood 645 Larkin St., Salinas, CA 93907     (831) 753-5620

Lincoln 705 California St., Salinas, CA 93901     (831) 753-5625

Loma Vista 757 Sausal Dr., Salinas, CA 93906     (831) 753-5670

Los Padres 1130 John St., Salinas, CA 93905     (831) 753-5670

Mission Park 403 W. Alisal St., Salinas, CA 93901     (831) 753-5635

Monterey Park 410 San Miguel Ave., Salinas, CA 93901     (831) 753-5640

Natividad 1465 Modoc Ave., Salinas, CA 93906     (831) 753-5675

Roosevelt 120 Capitol St., Salinas, CA 93901     (831) 753-5645

Sherwood 110 S. Wood St., Salinas, CA 93905     (8310 753-5650

University Park 833 W. Acacia St., Salinas, CA 93901     (831) 753-5655