Boronda Meadows participate in Big Sur International Marathon's "Just Run - By the Bay 3k"

Over the weekend, Boronda Meadow's students, staff and families participated in the Big Sur International Marathon's "Just Run - By the Bay 3K"! They had so much fun!! #SCESDShines #BorondaMeadows#BSIM2017#BigSurInternationalMarathon

Night at the Future Museum 2 set for May 11th - Don't miss it!

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We hope you are ready... Night at the Future Museum 2 is almost here! Come and see Learning come to life! Mark your calendars for Thursday May 11th! #NATFM #ElGabilanHawks #PBL #UOS

Apple visits El Gabilan

We're at El Gabilan this morning where a team from Apple is visiting our classrooms! El Gabilan is showcasing their transition to 21st Century classrooms! #SCESDShines#ElGabilan @iapple @eg_hawks

Superintendent Martha Martinez go to Washington DC to attend the Legislative Assembly and Gala

We have Superintendent Martinez in Washington DC attending the Legislative Assembly and Gala with colleagues from across the nation. 


SCESD Administrators and Salinas SWAT Plan For The Unexpected

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The Salinas Swat team is practicing maneuvers for School bus incidents. Before they started they rounded up all the usual suspects! 😉
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SCESD Celebrates Administrative Assistant's day!

A huuuggeeee Shoutout to our Administrative Assistants who day-in and day-out put themselves second and work extremely hard for their schools and district! We thank you so much for all you do!! #SCESDShines#AdministrativeAssistantsDay