New California School Dashboard aligns with state’s academic standards

Goes beyond test scores to highlight strengths and challenges of schools and districts

MARCH 15, 2017

Salinas, California - Educators, parents and the community in the Salinas City Elementary School District will soon have access to California’s School Dashboard, a new online website tool that features multiple indicators to provide a complete picture of how schools and districts across that state are serving a diverse student population. The Dashboard will be available this month at with full implementation anticipated during the 2017-18 school year.

The Dashboard reflects California’s commitment to transparency and continuous improvement. The new system places greater emphasis on changes in performance from year to year. This will highlight programs that are making positive change and allow schools and districts to learn from each other’s success. It will also make it easier to identify areas where schools need assistance to improve performance.

Moreover, the new accountability system offers data on several indicators at a particular point in time, including high school graduation rates, career and college readiness, English learner progress and suspension rates. The initial launch will only include information on test scores, graduation rates, suspension rates and English learner progress. Data on two other state indicators, chronic absenteeism and college/career readiness will be added at a later date. Districts will add information on the four local indicators: school climate, parent engagement, basic services and implementation of state standards.

The state will simultaneously still look at test scores as part of this overall picture. This new system replaces the former Academic Performance Index (API), which relied on test scores to produce a single number that offered a limited view of school performance.

State and Local Performance Indicators

The Dashboard features easy-to-read reports on school and district performance. It provides information on several indicators of school success based on data collected at the state and local levels. It is important to note that data can date back as far as the 2012-13 school year, and may not reflect current performance. Further, data for some state indicators and all local indicators may not be available until the 2017-18 school year.

Performance Levels for State Indicators

Performance on state indicators for individual schools and districts will be represented in the Dashboardwith easy-to-understand color-coded pie slices. Five performance levels represent: blue (highest), green, yellow, orange, and red (lowest). The levels reflect both current performance and changes in performance over time.  


Key Advantages of the California School Dashboard

The new Dashboard features easy-to-use reports and provide at-a-glance information. There are three key advantages to the Dashboard as pictured.


Dashboard Reports

The Dashboard provides four types of reports with detailed performance information:

-      Equity Report: Performance level of all students

-      Status and Change Report: Current performance and change over time

-      Detailed Reports: Year-by-year data for the state and local indicators (Coming Soon - Available April 2017)

-      Student Group Report: Performance of various demographic groups


•    Dashboard Home Page:

•    Video Overview

•    More information

NOTE: The Dashboard does not provide detailed test results for the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP). That information will continue to be available at and individual student CAASPP score reports will continue to be mailed home annually.