CaMSP Math Grant at Salinas City Elementary School District

During the summer of 2014, over 100 SCESD teachers from grades TK to 6th grade embarked on a three-year learning voyage.  They are participants in the 2014-2017 Cohort 10 Math Grant. The California Math & Science Partnership grant is funded by the California Department of Education's STEM office.  The purpose of the grant is to provide high-intensity professional development with a focus on mathematics with technology integration in order to better provide our students with 21st century skills.

Teachers are provided with the opportunity to work with high quality trainers, including Linda Dilger from the Monterey County Office of Education, and David Foster from the Silicon Valley Mathematics Initiative.  They also receive ongoing coaching from Sophia Witting, Coach, Professor Michael Scott from CSUMB, Linda Dilger Denise Green from MCOE, and Project Director Lee Howell.  

More recently, teachers received further professional development in re-engaging students in rigorous math activities and computer coding and how it relates to mathematical thinking. Participants are also working through an online curriculum that emphasizes the importance of nurturing a Growth Mindset in the classroom and helping students embraces struggle and mistakes as way to learn.

Each year of participation includes a Summer Intensive Institute along with then online training and opportunities for grade-level, school site, and one-on-one follow-up support.  For their participation, teachers receive stipends and an iPad as a professional development tool.  

We are all excited about the opportunity for professional growth and learning that is already taking place, and we are looking forward to what the next three years will bring.

Click here for the Math Grant Link

Click here for the Math Grant Link