Language Art Adoption and Units of Study

Salinas City Elementary School District will be adopting a new Language Arts curriculum for the 2017-2018 school year.  Teams of teachers have been working together to help us develop curriculum that is rigorous and engaging for students and staff.


One group of teachers has been “piloting” two different Language Arts programs during the first trimester.  As they have been using these materials with students, they have shared their feedback and impressions.  Following the pilots, teams of educators are participating in grade level “Curriculum Adoption” teams.  These teams are meeting to review the feedback, take a deep look at the materials, and make recommendations to the Board of Education for adoption.


Another group of teachers is working to develop Language Arts curriculum.  The goal of Units of Study is to create units that integrate a variety of subjects together following a problem-solution based model on the California Standards.  The units are designed to be relevant, engaging, challenging and fun for both students and teachers. 


As we revisit and revise the Units of Study, we will incorporate the new Language Arts materials recommended for adoption to match our learning and instructional goals.