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ABOUT OUR English Learner Services

Salinas City Elementary School District has more than 3,500 classified English Learner (E.L.) students eligible for services in our District, and over 800 who are classified as TBD: To Be Determined. These are students whose parent or guardian (or the student living independently) has moved or migrated within the last three years with the principal intention of seeking temporary or seasonal employment in agricultural or fishing activity.

The Board of Trustees recognizes that children of migratory workers have special educational and health needs. The Board authorizes a supplementary instructional support program using available federal funds so that students will have continuity of their educational progress, help to overcome language barriers, and motivation for consistent attendance at school. The Board encourages parents/guardians and staff to support and assist each other in all such efforts.

The district makes use of available funds to provide supplementary services for migrant children. Such services shall be coordinated with other existing district resources such as English Language Development, health screening, and compensatory education programs.


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Maria Yerania Vargo

English Learner, Program Manager
(831) 784-2209