Maintenance and Operations Department

Address: 39 Clark Street Salinas, CA 93901

Phone: (831) 753-5693

Fax: 831-753-5550

Use of the District's school facilities are governed by District Policy and California Education Code. Please contact Dina Castañeda for more information at (831) 753-5693.

Welcome to the SCESD Facilities booking page!


Before submitting a Facility Use Application or an online request (see below), please read the SCESD - Rules, Regulations and Fees for Use of District Facilities, Use of Facilities Request Agreement (must be signed and returned) as well as the Facility Scheduling Direct - User Manual to familiarize yourself with SCESD requirements for facility use.

PLEASE NOTE - All applications must be submitted to the Maintenance Office at least thirty (30) working days preceding the date(s) of use and no further out than 6 months (no exceptions will be made).

If you are an outside organization:  (e.g., Boy Scouts, Athletic Leagues, or non-district individual(s)) you will need to submit a Certificate of Liability Insurance, Fingerprinting/Background check as well as a signed Hold Harmless and Indemnification Agreement  in order for the Maintenance department to process and approve your request.  This requirement will not be waived under any circumstance.  These forms must be submitted with your paper application or online request. If athletic fields and parking lot facilities are to be requested you will also need to submit the appropriate form(s) below.

SCESD - Agreement of Athletic Fields

SCESD - Facility Use of Parking Lots, Hard-Tops and Lawn Areas

SCESD - Gate Card Access

SCESD - Fee Schedule

If you are submitting a paper application, the final District approved contract will be sent to the specified address on the original application. This (carbon copied) contract will need to be submitted to the Maintenance Department as an original, with a wet signature.  A scanned copy will be accepted.


School Site Maps                                         Athletic Field Site Maps

 Online Facilities Requests


To submit an online facility request, you will first need to read the Facility Scheduling Direct - User Manual.   This manual will guide you through the process of; entering yourself into the system ( as a new requester, submitting new facility requests, and monitoring your request status (approved/not approved). 

Once you have read the manual, and have entered yourself as a new requester, you will need to complete the process of entering your request by entering a password.  The password is "scesd123" and must be entered in order for your request to be saved into the system.  PLEASE NOTE - All applications must be submitted to the Maintenance Office at least thirty (30) working days preceding the date(s) of use and no further out than 6 months (no exceptions will be made).

Requester will have access to view the district calendar in order to check availability. 

To check the calendar follow these steps:

Log on to the facilities booking page (follow directions above)

  • Click on the My Request tab.

  • Then right underneath the tabs, the top of the screen and click My Schedule Requests link.

  • Once you are in the My Schedule Requests screen, under the heading, click on Month Calendar link.

  • In the Location drop down, the requestor can click on the drop down to select a specific location or click on  organization Wide.

  • Click on Refresh Calendar.

  • Scroll down and all schedule events will show in the calendar.

Please keep in mind, however, that you will NOT be able to make any changes to a scheduled request once it has been approved, even if it hasn't been activated by the Administrator yet. If you need to make any changes or cancellations, please call Dina Castañeda at (831) 753-5693 or email

If you have read and understand all the information above please click on the link provided below.

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