You cannot open a book without learning something. -     Confucius

You cannot open a book without learning something. -  Confucius

About the Instructional Materials Center (IMC):

  • Open from 12:00 - 5:00pm, Monday-Friday
  • District adopted instructional materials are available upon request. Administrators submit requests through Schooldude, our on-line ordering system.
  • Supplemental materials are available for teacher check-out.
  • A laminator, die cuts and copiers are available for teacher use.


Search our district's catalog of materials via the OPAC

OPAC is a library term that stands for Online Patron Access Catalog. The term is popular to describe a program which allows library users or library 'patrons' to search a library.

LibraryWorld has several different ways a patron can search a library. The most popular is through the LibraryWorld OPAC service. There are three ways to access the service:

  1. You can click on this link and go directly to the OPAC service and your library - Go to OPAC.
  2. You or a patron can type into the Toolbar area of a Web browser. This will bring up the OPAC login page.

You and your library patrons can also use smart phones to search the library. A special web application has been designed with smart phones and tablets in mind. You can access the site at:

Mobile Apps!

LibraryWorld Search for Apple and Android lets you search your library from anywhere and anytime you have access to your smart mobile devices.

Available from Apple's App Store and Android Market for free today!

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Meet Our Staff

Carmen Ferguson

IMC Technician

Educational Services

(831) 784-2228