This video showcases Footsteps 2 Brilliance, our Early Literacy Initiative for students Pre-K to 3rd Grade.  This app, available in iTunes and Google Play allows teachers, parents, students and community members to utilize mobile technology we have at home, to interact, read and engage with our children outside of the classroom, and to reinforce Academic Success.

Video courtesy of School District of Osceola County.



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District teachers in Preschool through 2nd grade already exist as class rosters in the Salinas City Footsteps 2 Brilliance (F2B) dashboard. 

All iPads in preK - 2nd grade classrooms, across the district, have the F2B app downloaded, activated, and been loaded with books, games, and activities for F2B as of February, 2016.


Students/children login to the program - either in their classroom or on their parent's device (if they downloaded the app), by using the "purple door" - the SUPER SECRET CODE.

The child obtains their Super Secret Code by:

  • Their teacher gives them their Code (because the teacher has accessed the F2B dashboard and retrieved the Student Cards or Student Roster)
  • Their parent gives them their Code (because the parent has registered with F2B and received their child's Code in an email from F2B)

The child obtains their Super Secret Code by EITHER OR BOTH of these two methods, above.

Parents can enroll other children - personal children, relatives, foster children, etc... AND OBTAIN Super Secret Codes for those children by registering themselves at: They MUST HAVE A VALID EMAIL before starting the registration process.

When they're registering, they'll select "my child does not attend a district school" in question 3. Once registration is complete, the F2B program will send them an email with Super Secret Codes for those children.

Download this document for detailed instructions for Parent Registration: Link