2018-19 Summer School

Summer School is a perfect opportunity for students to get ahead and/or catch up with their grade-level curriculum. Salinas City Elementary School District offers Summer School options for our all current students.

  • Kinder Bridge

    This opportunity is focused to Kindergarten students entering public education without any preschool experience. This allows students to engage in a classroom setting and to build relationships with fellow classmates.

    Application for Kinder Bridge - Click Here

  • Jump Into Math

    This wonderful program identifies a student’s mathematical needs and then delivers individualized instruction to build each students mathematical foundation.

    Jump Into Math Program is currently full. Check back to see if this status changes.

  • Springboard Literacy

    Springboard Summer is an intensive 5-week summer program that combines daily reading instruction for for Pre-K through 3rd graders; weekly workshops training parents to teach reading at home; a rigorous coaching cycle for teachers; and an incentive structure that awards learning tools to families in proportion to student reading gains.

    Application for Springboard Literacy - Click Here

Below is the criteria for student participation.

If you have any questions, please contact the designated representative.

Kinder Bridge

Jeannette Jimenez

(831) 784-2235


Jump Into Math

Jim Enterprises

(831) 684-0000


Elizabeth Lopez

(831) 784-2235