• Mission, Vision, Priorities & Goals


    The mission of the Salinas City Elementary School District is to provide a comprehensive education with multiple opportunities for all students’ success.


    To inspire and ensure students recognize their talents to excel, become empowered learners and make valuable contributions to a dynamic global community.


    Board Priorities

    Equitable Learning Conditions for All Students

    The District will analyze data and strengthen services to address students’ learning loss; ensure connectivity for all students; mitigate the digital divide barriers; and strengthen the social, emotional, and mental health support and programs.

    Maintain Fiscal Solvency

    The District will develop and maintain a balanced budget with a prudent reserve, and build systems that ensure fiscal
    health that preserves its resources in the years to come.

    Strong Relationships as a Community

    The District will engage all members of the SCESD community in stronger and more positive relationships, and develop opportunities for parents, guardians and families to have a seat at the table.


    LCAP Goals

    Learning for all students;

    Safe, positive and well-maintained schools;

    Quality staff providing exceptional service;

    School, home and community partnerships.