• Super Saturdays!

About the Program

  • Your student/s has been invited to SUPER SATURDAY!  If you do not have access to the form please fill out paper copy in office . Attending Super Saturday will allow your student to regain their lost instruction time and clear one absence excused or unexcused absence. Spots are limited & sign-up is REQUIRED. Also when dropping off your student on Saturday, parents must walk student to drop off area no earlier than 8:15 AM. If you sign-up your student please make sure they attend that Saturday. This will be the last Super Saturday for your school site so we hope your student can join!

    Hours: 8am to 12:30 pm on Saturdays


  • This program is currently at:

    • Roosevelt
    • Loma Vista
    • Los Padres
    • Sherwood
  • The program starts January 21, 2023