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Enrollment for TK and K

  • Roosevelt: Now offering Dual Language Immersion classes opening in TK and K for the 2022-2023 school year.

    enrollment link to k and tk at roosevelt for di program

Who are emergent bilinguals

    • Students who know different-named languages such as Spanish, Spanglish, and English.
    • Language learning is not about one language or the other, but simultaneously about leveraging students' full linguistic repertoire. 
    • Language as a living organism which adapts according to the context in which it is developed.
    • Many students of Color from immigrant backgrounds also carry the designated “English Learner” label.
    • Urgency to shift in perspectives and see students as falling on various points of the bilingual continuum. 

Emergent Bilinguals

  •   Phone - 831-784-2209


    S T A F F  D I R E C T O R Y

    Dr. Velma Veith

    Director, Emergent Bilingual Instructional Services

    Magda Reyes

    Administrative Assistant III

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