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District Demographics

The Salinas City Elementary School District is the largest elementary school district in Monterey County,  serving about 8,300 students in 15 schools, from preschool to 6th grade. The District focuses on helping each student reach their full potential, fostering students’ social and emotional growth, and creating an inclusive environment where all children can thrive and become learners for life. Of our English Learner students, Spanish is our most frequently spoken language, but our robust EL community includes speakers of Mixteco, Tagalog, Arabic, Vietnamese, Punjabi and Cantonese, among other languages. 

Our annual enrollment consists of the number of students enrolled on Census Day—the first Wednesday in October. These DataQuest data displays reflect the annual K-6 public school enrollment for the 2022-2023 school year, in both the District as a whole and by school site.

Student Demographics Percentages
Socioeconomically Disadvantages 76.08%
Students with Special Needs 10.25%
English Learners  49.20%
Foster/Homeless Youth 38.03%
Migrant Youth 4.35%


SCESD Ethnicity Total Percentages
African American 49 0.59
American Indian or Alaska Native 54 0.65
Asian 43 0.52
Filipino 85 1.03
Hispanic or Latino 7,540 91.14
Pacific Islander 8 0.10
White 347 4.19
Two or More Races 131 1.58
Not Reported 16 0.19
Total 8,273