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Business Services

How to do business with SCESD

Vendor Registration:  Please register and provide complete information to offer your services and/or products. For assistance with vendor registration, please call Vendor Registry at (844) 802-9202 or email:

All Requests for Proposals (RFPs) are posted on the Vendor Registry website.

Bond Construction Projects and CUPCCAA: Please follow this link to pre-qualify for all public works projects.

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Nikki Herring

Assistant Superintendent, Business Services

Jonathan Techaira

Director, Fiscal Services

Jacqueline Cardenas

Executive Asst To Asst Supt, Business Services

Susie Aguilar

Financial Analyst

Mary Brock

Financial Analyst

John Dominguez

Project Manager

Vanessa Esparza

Accounting Specialist

Iliana Izquierdo

Administrative Assistant III

Jeanette Jimenez

Financial Analyst

Elizabeth Lopez

Director of Compliance, Procurement and Planning

Nancy Mojica

Accounting Specialist

Maria Ortiz

Financial Analyst

Becky Ramirez

Accounting Specialist

Maria Ramos

Accounting Specialist

Yolanda Salazar

Accounting Specialist, Benefits Specialist