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Emergent Bilinguals & Dual Language Immersion

DI Parent Meeting

Interested parents are required to attend just ONE informational meeting in order to request the Dual Immersion Program for their child.

Meeting Schedule

DELAC Meetings 

DELAC is an important advisory committee of parents of English Language Learner (ELL) students. 
DELAC Meeting Schedule

More Information

If you are interested in applying for the SCESD Dual Language Program for the 24-25 school year, follow the 2 steps found here. The application window is open for all new students between December 2023 through February 29, 2024.

Dual Language Immersion Program

SCESD's Dual Immersion Program integrates native English speakers and native Spanish speakers for the entire school day, with the goal of promoting high academic achievement, first and second language development, and cross-cultural understanding for all students.

The goal of SCESD’s Dual Immersion Program is to develop a child’s proficiency in English and Spanish through reading, writing, speaking, and listening. The program is academically sound, based on over forty years of research.

Dual language programs blend two language education models: an immersion program for English-only speakers and a bilingual maintenance model for English learners. Students from the two language groups attend class together, learning from one another and supporting each other's second language acquisition. The dual language model creates an additive bilingual environment, which allows students to acquire a second language while maintaining and developing their native language. The curriculum of the program is the same as in the general education program.

Parents must be willing to commit to the duration of the program (six-seven years) in order to be eligible for enrollment. SCESD's Dual Immersion Program follows the 90/10 model in TK/K/1st (90% Spanish and 10% English) and incrementally increases the amount of English to 50/50 in the upper grades.

For application information, please inquire at the school office or the Salinas City Elementary School District office.


Emergent Bilingual Staff

Velma Veith

Director, Emergent Billinguals

Haide Gonzalez

English Learner Resource Teacher

Wendi Gutierrez

English Learner Resource Teacher

Magda Reyes

Administrative Assistant III