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Services and Support

Individual Case Management Services

Offered to Students, Caregivers, Social Workers, School Staff, Probation, CASA's

  • School enrollment/transfer assistance
  • Ensure AB490 rights are upheld
  • Collaboration to ensure school stability
  • AB 167 evaluation & partial credit assistance
  • Educational planning & monitoring
  • IEP/SST meeting attendance
  • Referral to supplemental education services
  • Referral to extracurricular and/or enrichment activities
  • Liaison/DSS/School

Coordination of Supplemental Services

Agencies, community-based organizations, caseworkers

  • Collaborating & capacity building with community partners to provide supplemental education services

  • Leadership & advocacy training for transition age youth
  • Special Projects (i.e. college and career Exploration)
  • Enrichment activities
  • Attend an annual Foster Youth Education Summit to bring together partner agencies & staff
  • Referrals to tutoring services

District LCAP Support Services

School and District Staff

  • Provide workshops/training's to school district staff

  • Review LCAP for actions and services specific to children and youth in Foster Care
  • Share best practices for supporting children and youth in Foster Care
  • Meet regularly with District Foster Student Liaisons
  • Provide legislative & policy updates
  • Facilitate policy & cross-agency collaboration meetings

Data & Program Support

Schools/districts, Department of Social Services, Foster Support

  • Notification of incoming outgoing foster youth
  • Enrollment tracking
  • CALPADS, foster youth identification and mobility
  • Foster Focus/ CMS CWS
  • Inter-agency collaboration with Department of Social Services and Juvenile Probation Department
  • Data sharing, monitoring and clean up
  • District updates
  • Status verification (active & inactive)
  • Creating/Providing Reports