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Approved Digital Resources for Students

Educators have many choices when it comes to digital learning resources. However, with choices comes the responsibility to our students to ensure their data is private and meets the requirements of online privacy protection acts. We must also ensure resources are curriculum-aligned and age-appropriate. The school district has approved and vetted the digital learning resources listed below for student and staff use.

Approved applications meet the following requirementsDecisions to approve requests are based on questions from three categories:

  • Student Privacy and Legal Components:
    • Does the program or service conform to legal requirements regarding student privacy and safety?
  • Instructional alignment:
    • Does the program or service supplant an instructional program or service already available or provided by the district?
  • Technical components:
    • Is the program or service compatible with district devices?  Does it require significant maintenance and upkeep by the I.T. staff? Does it integrate with Clever?