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Guadalupe Aceves

School Counselor
Roosevelt Elem. School

Michelle Aceves

Administrative Assistant I
Special Education Department

Venesa Acosta

Paraeducator I
Natividad Elem. School

Celso Acuna Cruz


Ann Adair

Resource Specialist
Henry F. Kammann

Tracy Adler

Monterey Park Elem. School

Jaelyn Agbayani


Tammy Agrifoglio

Library Technician
Loma Vista Elem. School

Maria Aguas

Paraeducator I
Loma Vista Elem. School

Elena Aguilar

Lead Food Service Associate I
Natividad Elem. School

Pamela Aguilar

Paraeducator I
Sherwood Elem. School

Susie Aguilar

Financial Analyst
Business Services Department