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  • The Salinas City Elementary School District has two Family Resource Centers, located at Kammann School and Sherwood School. Our staff is dedicated to providing a wealth of opportunities to support families and help ensure that children are happy, healthy, and prepared for school and life. Both of the Family Resource Centers have been set up to provide assistance with food and school uniforms for all qualified families.

    • The primary focus of the Family Resource Center at Kammann School is to provide support services for all families in the district. Services include social-emotional classes, technology, learning a second language, navigation through the school system and so much more. 
    • The primary focus of the Family Resource Center at Sherwood School is to identify and provide services to both homeless and foster families. An annual average of 3,000 + homeless students has been identified, which translates to over 40% of the district's student enrollment. 

    All qualified students receive available items such as school clothing or uniforms, outerwear, socks, backpacks, school supplies, personal hygiene items (toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush/comb, soap/washcloth, etc.), reading books, non-perishable food, blankets, umbrellas, bus passes, shower passes, etc. to help ensure success and continuity in their educational process.

    Parents receive assistance with obtaining vaccine records, birth certificates, and social security cards in order to enroll students in school. Families also have access to computer technology to seek and apply for employment. Additional programs and services vary depending on collaboration with other service providers or agencies.


FRC Contact Information

  •   Phone - 831-540-8420


    S T A F F  D I R E C T O R Y

    Juan Garcia
    Director of Curriculum and Instruction

    Cheryl Camany
    Homeless Liaison, Teacher on Special Assignment

    Crystal DeGroodt
    Program Administrative Assistant

    Beatriz Maravillo
    Program Administrative Assistant

    Julia Calderon
    Program Administrative Assistant

    Rosa Salinas
    Community Coordinator

    Alma Mota Rodriguez
    Community Coordinator