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About Maintenance & Operations

  • The Facilities, Maintenance & Operations Department of the Salinas City Elementary School District is led by Darrell Daniels, Director, and provides essential services to support the mission of educating our students. The team strives to maintain the building grounds and the physical infrastructure in a cost-effective manner and at the highest possible standards of safety, cleanliness, and functionality, ensuring the best possible learning environment for students and staff. 



    39 Clark St. Salinas, CA 93901

      Phone - 831-753-5693
      Fax - 831-753-5208


    S T A F F  D I R E C T O R Y

    Darrell Daniels
    Director of Bond Projects, Facilities, M&O, and Transportation

    Douglas Chappel
    Assistant Director of MOT

    Christine Taylor
    Administrative Assistant III

    Maritza Cazares
    Administrative Assistant III

    Rigo Pizano
    Team Lead

    Albert Arellano
    Team Lead

    Jonathan Martin
    Team Lead