About IMC

    • Open from 12:00 - 5:00pm, Monday-Friday
    • District adopted instructional materials are available upon request. Administrators submit requests through Schooldude, our on-line ordering system.
    • Supplemental materials are available for teacher check-out.
    • A laminator, die cuts and copiers are available for teacher use.

Search our district's catalog of materials via the OPAC

  • OPAC is a library term that stands for Online Patron Access Catalog. The term is popular to describe a program that allows library users or library 'patrons' to search a library.
    LibraryWorld has several different ways a patron can search a library. The most popular is through the LibraryWorld OPAC service. There are three ways to access the service:

    1. You can click on this link and go directly to the OPAC service and your library - Go to OPAC.
    2. You or a patron can type http://opac.libraryworld.com/index.html into the Toolbar area of a Web browser. This will bring up the OPAC login page.

    You and your library patrons can also use smartphones to search the library. A special web application has been designed with smartphones and tablets in mind. You can access the site at:  http://www.libraryworld.com/ipac.html

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