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Familiar Face in a New Role

If Krysta Bradley were a Major League Baseball player, her walk-up music would be "Don't Stop Me Now," Queen's energetic anthem of positivity. A veteran teacher in the SCESD (and an alumnus of Monterey Park School) Bradley just accepted a new role within the District—that of TOSA (Teacher on Special Assignment) for Educational Technology.

Working in collaboration with the District's Instructional Technology Department, her new mission is to collaborate with and support teachers, so they can in turn support students and help them become "future ready" in whatever capacity they need.

"There's a lot of new technology I'd love to share and explore with them," Bradley says, "and I'd love to help teachers use technology in creative and innovative ways."

That includes everything from coding to earth science technology and everything STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math). While a teacher at Mission Park, Bradley launched the "STEAM Showcase," a project-based experience for students, which has since grown into a District-wide annual event.

"I think I was first attracted to things when I honed in on the next-generation science standards and the human impact on earth," she says, explaining how the showcase event first started. "I was really passionate about that in the classroom. It's our obligation to protect the planet and to create global citizens who will do that as they grow up."

Bradley is deeply involved with MB CUE, an organization that launched in the '70s. While CUE stands for Computer Using Educators, the group has expanded in scope to include all manner of technology and how it can be used in educational settings for the benefit of students. As Bradley describes it, the focus now for CUE is "innovation as pedagogy."

The CUE model is not about lectures, but about "playing and learning and exploring. They're trying new things, and they're not afraid to try new things, and they're not afraid to fail," she says. "That's what we want to teach our children."

Bradley, who has four children, earned a master's degree in Educational Technology from CSU-Fullerton and has finished work on her preliminary administration credential through the Santa Clara County Office of Education.