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Young Author Awarded

Catsune Adventure Boronda DIAS 4th grader Abrianna Ruiz's favorite medium is the colored pencil. And this summer, she and her colored pencils and vivid imagination won honors from the Salinas Public Library in its Graphic Novel Contest for Kids and Teens 2022. Abrianna's four-page work, Catsune Adventure: Book One, chronicles the adventures of a half-girl, half-cat creature who wants to go to space. Catsune goes to college so she can work at NASA, then convinces her boss she and a pal are ready for flight. Catsune Adventure won the top honor in the contest in the 1st-4th grade category; Abrianna won art supplies as part of the award. Christy Barrera, Abrianna's mother, credits Abrianna's teacher, Thane House, with encouraging her work.